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Open to player ages 6-17

If your dream is to play professional soccer and/or achieve a full scholarship, DFC Academy Program can pave the way!

Using DFC Academy Tactical Periodization training methodology, you will notice a dramatic improvement in your child soccer skills, creativity and confidence while participating in an Elite Competitive Environment (Academy League).

The DFC Academy coaching team are all technical specialists and fully qualified.

The program seeks attention to both tactical & technical details that allow each player to improve and increase its range of solutions on a weekly basis. Focused on both offensive & defensive aspects of the game, each session compliments and contribute mostly to the creative, psychological and intellectual part of the player. All of which can contribute to a team setting.

Program Features:

  • Tactical Periodization Certified Training and UEFA Coaching
  • Three training sessions and one league game per week; recognized academy with the Ontario Soccer Association (OSA)
  • Sport Physiotherapy (Provided by ARC)
  • Scholarship Program
  • Tournaments (In Ontario and in the United States)
  • Winter and Summer League
  • School Consultation
  • Insurance


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