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Paul Andrez


Paulo grew up in the Bradford community. He became an exceptional player at a young age playing for many teams in the Huronia region. He was always a strong thinker of the game and became a coach at the age of 18. It was there were Paulo grew as an effective manager and was part of grass-root soccer coaching in the female division having won many titles in the CGSL. He has a Bachelor's degree and a Postgraduate diploma in Education. He is currently teaching at Banting Memorial High School in Alliston and is the heart of our development program for the past two years.


My philosophy as a youth development coach is to ultimately develop skillful and intelligent players. Therefore, coaching should focus on developing the essential skills of the game (ball skills) and decision-making on the field (tactical awareness). The essential skills are developed by using a variety of activities where each player is working with a ball. Good decision-making, the ability to think and react quickly, is maximized by using small-sided games that simulate real game situations. Scrimmaging helps bring these fundamentals out and is fun. I believe that players learn the most by playing. Exposing them to a variety of situations and positions helps them develop into a complete players. I believe that winning should not be a main objective for coach or player. Winning will be the result of the application of good ball skills and good tactical awareness.

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