Denny De Oliveira

Academy Coach

Denny is a strong and devoted member of the Bradford community. He has been head coach at Holy Trinity High School for 18+ years. He has contributed to 12 senior girls GBSSA Championships, 8 senior boys GBSSA Championships and has an OFSAA senior boys Champions title which was won in 2015. In additional, he has 2 bronze medals and 2 antique bronze medals. He was recognized as OFSAA Coach of the Year in 2013 and has continued to coach in club programs in the Huronia Region for the past 6 years.

Outside of the DFC community he is Chairperson of healthy active living at Holy Trinity in Bradford for last twelve years and runs the soccer course grade 11/12 at Holy Trinity for past eight years, one of the only few in the province.

Coaching Philosophy

  • The ball is round and the field is flat, the players with direction will figure out the game.
  • Not about where you are or where you were, it's about where they are going

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