Jonathan Silveira

Academy Coach

Jonathan; born and raised in the Oakville community. Began playing his soccer at the age of five in Oakville, Ontario for the Oakville Soccer Club. Played most of his years in Mississauga and in 2003 was MVP of the U21 OSL league. In 2002 Jonathan went with the Sunoco Performance Select team, that was chosen with players from all over Ontario, to play junior EPL teams all over London, England. He was invited back for on a personal trial with Walton & Hersham Football Club, an affiliate of Chelsea Football Club.

While in England he started his first coaching experience with a training program ran out of the Walton & Hersham Football Club, while their on trial. He has been a technical coach for clubs throughout the GTA area for the past 10 years and is a dedicated volunteer coach for DFC with our Little Dragons, and more stepping into his role with our academy teams.

Practices and games should be fun and focus to keep the game fun. The more they enjoy what they do, the more they will develop. Ultimately the focus is always on the long-term development of the player and not what he/she won this year. He also believes that all coaches should use age appropriate drills and activities while running their training sessions. The more they learn at the younger years, the better they will become in the future.

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