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The U17s hosted Masters FC, but fell short, losing 1-3. This was the team’s last game with coach José at the helm. The players really fought hard, trying to hand him a final victory as a “thank you” for his two years of stellar coaching. The boys brought everything they had, but a victory proved elusive on this day. Leo Roncarolo and Arjun Mistry, despite the amount of rain, brought some “sunshine” to a cloudy day. Arjun dribble inside the box and received a bad tackle to his legs, but Leo was there to finish the play for Dragon Force’s lone goal of the match.

The U14 team played at Bradford’s Henderson field against Mapola FC. This game was full of excitement. The DFC started the game down early with a score of 0-1, but came back quickly to tie it at 1-1. Once Mapola regained a one goal advantage, DFC roared back with three straight goals courtesy of Nathan Ferreira, Duarte Oliveira and Daniel Pitocco making the score 4-2. With five minutes remaining in the game, and after another open goal missed after a brilliant play of Nathan Ferreira, Mapola ended up scoring two unanswered goals. Due to the effort and fight shown by both teams, a 4-4 final was a just result.

The U12 tied their game against Blue Devils White. The day’s high temperatures really slowed the pace of the game. After working on how to best utilize the wingers for this match, the U12s had many quality scoring chances thanks to the creativity of both Kieran and Grayson. The usual suspects, Mathew and Mateo, tried to bring “magic” with their moves and skills, but the ball never kissed the net. Luckily, Lucas Wehby, our fantastic Keeper kept Dragon Force’s net blemish free, with some great saves. Coach Leo Vicari says “the boys can control the game and are starting to understand how to use all of their weapons. We just need to be more effective.”

For the U10 team, it was not their best day, as they faced the team from Oakville, Blue Devils White. The Devils were superior during most of the game, and even benefited from a little luck on their first goal. Keeper, Gigi Lomoro, defended the home team’s territory admirably, and Joseph Bishouty from Dragon Force used everything they had to try to continue scoring goals. Dragon Force’s coach, Guilherme Costa, praised the opponents and alerted his own players that “to play against the best teams we must always give our best effort, and never give up!”

The U9 team is proving why their new home is named THE DRAGON´S DEN! Against Blue Devils White the U9 team took a while to set the pace of the game, but after the first goal it was all about control and displaying the team’s best weapons. Tiago Viães, set the pace of each play, Sebastian Recalde added his magic with assists on two goals and Marcus Carvalheiro and Lawson Wilson consistently finished plays. These Dragons showed amazing skills and how the whole team benefits from the utilization of everyone´s best weapons as they play the FC PORTO way! Coach Sérgio says “we had a really decent game where we saw some very good plays from our kids. We are on a good path and getting ready for the next games, where we will have a greater challenge against Dutch Connections.”


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