Chairman presented the second international school of football, to bring FC Porto to the “four corners of the world”

After South America, Dragon Force moves on to North America. Canada will be the home of the second international school of the project dedicated to train young athletes, which will allow, according to the white and blue chairman, to continue to bring the name of the club to the “four corners of the world”. Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa has no doubts: the success of the school in Bogota, Colombia, will be repeated in Bradford – located near Toronto, Ontario –, one of the Canadian cities with the strongest Portuguese community.

“Dragon Force Toronto will be successful, as it will grow in an area where 55% of the community is of Portuguese ascent and where youngsters are starting to develop great enthusiasm for football. We want to keep bringing the name of FC Porto to the four corners of the world”, the leader of FC Porto stated, reminding that he’s been to that Canadian city “twice”, and had the opportunity to see the passion people feel “for football and for FC Porto”.

Pinto da Costa had the honour of presenting the new Dragon Force school, this Wednesday, at the VIP room of Estádio do Dragão, a ceremony that counted on Adelino Caldeira, vice-chairman of FC Porto, Two Shoes Fernando Gomes, and, of course, a convoy coming from Canada, composed of four elements.

The partner of Dragon Force Toronto, Luis Andrez, a Portuguese-Canadian that used to live in Porto and is “a Dragon at heart”, as Pinto da Costa described him, was open about how “proud” he is to be able to “work with the club that was always part” of his life. “For two months now, I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the love, passion and professionalism of the coaches of Dragon Force in Canada”, Luis Andrez added.

The Councillor Mayor of Bradford, Peter Ferragine, talked about the enthusiasm brought by the possibility of welcoming FC Porto in a “modern and diversified city, with plenty of charm”, and “with more and more spaces dedicated to sport, with the best conditions”, revealing that he is “working to do even more”. “I hope to welcome all of you at our home”, the Mayor concluded.

The president of the Canadian Academy of Football, Philip Ionadi, also mentioned the honour in being able to “work with a great European club” and to have had the opportunity of watching a “great match”, with the Dragons beating Maccabi Tel Aviv, where he was able to see the “huge passion that feeds the club”.

Dragon Force Toronto, which will be officially opened on November 7, already has 120 children signed up (boys and girls up to 18 years old), and will be located in Bradford, a city about 60 kilometres to the North of Toronto.

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