School in Bradford, near Toronto, is the second to open abroad.

Dragon Force Toronto, the second international school in the project FC Porto is dedicating to training young athletes, opens on the 7th November, and is aimed at youngsters aged four to 18. The initiative comes little over a year after the debut abroad, in September 2014, in Bogota, Colombia, where 400 students have already signed up. The facility is located in Bradford (near Toronto and Barrie, a central city in the province on Ontario) and will mobilize many children in the region. The school will also be close to the Portuguese community, which remains strong in Toronto and Bradford.

Winning new fans for FC Porto and opening new scouting possibilities is the aim of this initiative of the Dragons. Dragon Force Toronto will be coordinated by José Violante – with over five years of experience at the club, as the technical manager of another school –, who will work with coach Sérgio Saraiva, who has been at the club for four years.

Football in Canada is a rising phenomenon, leading to an increase in the quality of technique, facts of which FC Porto is aware. The initiative will develop and help young players grow, both Canadians and Portuguese-Canadians (who may participate in Portuguese championships, regardless of their age), following the philosophy and methodology of the Dragon Force project. FC Porto wants to establish close relations with the local football federations and associations, with the intent of helping them in the development, organization and promotion of their championships, so that the entire country may develop passion for the sport, and that the Dragon Force brand is raised to high standards, in the next two years.

In March 2015, Dragon Force held an International Camp, which was the foundation for this school of football. The initiative counted on over 100 children and was welcomed by the local community, as they received “Two Shoes” Fernando Gomes and the FC Porto coaches with open arms.

Facilities and contacts:

Bradford Sports Dome (Winter)
2971 10 Sideroad
Bradford West Gwillimbury, ON L3Z 2A4

Portuguese Cultural Center (Summer)
767 Simcoe Rd
Bradford West Gwillimbury, ON L3Z 2A6
Phone: 001 905-252-1733

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